Selasa, 01 November 2016

GCA : Best Book Of 2015

I really apreciate all books that nominated to be best boo in 2015. Some of them is my wishlist and already not I read. But I keep postive they will be mine someday. And this is some of the winner. Check this out.

Dont forget to vote Goodreads Coice awards 2016. You can see the nominees here or you can sign in from your goodreads account ad the announcement will show up on your timeline. Have a nice day and keep reading :)

2 komentar:

  1. Wah bukunya keren2. Ada kalanya bakal saya pesan hehe. Salam kenal min ^_^

    1. Salam kenal. Beberapa seperti Red Queen sudah di terjemahkan. Tapi versi English juga nggak kalah bagus, terutama kualitas fisik bukunya ^^


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