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Are you falling in love with him?

#5 He's always on your mind

There is seriously nothing you can think about, but him. You know you shouldn’t be thinking about him, but you are. You’re always thinking, “What is he doing?” “What is he thinking?” “Where can he be?” “Is he thinking about me?” “Why isn’t he texting me back?” Girl, calm down for a sec. This is the number one definite sign that you have fallen for him. Even if you tried to not think about him, he will find his way back into your head. You’re going to find a reason to think about him. Whether it be a song or even someone with the same name as him.

#4 You’re constantly staring at you

You and him text all the time, don’t you? And when he doesn’t text back, you feel really uneasy, huh? You know you’ve fallen for him when you’re constantly staring at your phone, waiting. You jump when your phone rings and you hope that it’s him. And when it’s not, you feel disappointed. You wish it was him so badly. You’re weird; you’re going to just sit there and think of the worst possible scenarios. “Is he with another girl?” “Why is he ignoring me?” “Does he hate me?” “Does he think I’m clingy?” No, girl! He’s probably just busy. Wait for his text. He’ll text back eventually.

#3 You Just Can’t Stop Looking At Him

When you guys are together, you just want to stare at him the whole time. His face is perfection. The way he smiles is adorable. The way he stares at you is adorable. The mole on his face is adorable. His dimples are adorable. Everything about him is perfect in your eyes. All you can do is stare and smile. And hopefully he doesn't find it weird. You know you've fallen when you look at him, and all you see is perfection.

#2 Simple Dates, Doing Nothing Make

When it comes to going out with him, the simple things make you happier. You’d rather stay in or grab some coffee. You don’t need lobster and steak, candle-lit dates to make you happy. You enjoy his company and that’s all you need to satisfy yourself. Usually, girls are like “I want this and this and this and this” from guys and that obviously means that she’s using him and has no feelings for the poor guy. But with simple pleasures, it proves that you like the guy from who he is and not what he has.

Are You Falling For Him?
#1 You’re Comfortable with Him

One of the steps to a good relationship is being comfortable with someone. I’m not saying that you’re ready for a relationship already, but I’m just saying, being comfortable with someone is really important. You and him can seriously talk for hours and you won’t feel weird or awkward at any time. You can basically almost tell him everything and not feel weird about it. But girl, be careful. Don’t tell him too much! Leave some mystery and don’t talk about your distraught past. He doesn't want to hear that and that will just make the conversation go downhill.

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