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The Miracle Worker - Movie Adaptation

Title : The Miracle Worker
Director : Atrhur Penn
Cast : Anne Bancroft, Patty Duke, Victor Jory, Andrew Prine, Enga Swerson
Producer : Fred Coe
Duration : 106 minutes
From book: The Story Of My Life

Hellen Keller, the one of the most inspirational woman in the world that the story of her life is adapted into a film The Miracle Worker. Played by Patty Duke as Hellen Keller and Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan. Arthur Penn as the director is succesfully made this film amaizing.

Hellen Keller is a girl who has disabilities such as deap, blind and cannot speak. When she was a little baby, Hellen Keller turned blind and deaf becauses her disease. Her parents didn’t know how to manage Hellen and then call a teacher from an University to teach Hellen. The special teacher is Ann Sullivan. Everyday Anne taught Hellen with blind alphabet using fingers. At first, Hellen always frustrated and didn’y want to near with Annie. Altought Hellen’s parents gave up and lost hope with Annie, Annie Sullivan always try and still believe she can teach Hellen.
I really enjoy the Miracle Worker until the end film. I like the plot and character of Hellen in her disabilities. I’m sure the acting is really good especially Annie Sullivan. She always patient to Hellen, can be emotional and sometime makes me laugh.

I extremely love this film like I enjoy the book.

4 stars.

Scene: Annie was teaching Hellen with finger language

Nb: This is my first movie review, so I'll be waiting for your comment in comment botton :)

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